OneCard is a smart card that provides access to multiple systems and applications, as well as generating intelligence that the business can use to make operational decisions.

Our Solution

We are becoming increasingly accustomed to the use of smart cards, such as the Oyster card for transport in London and credit cards with contactless payment, but it often requires us to carry multiple cards. Redstone's OneCard avoids this complication and provides single card access to many systems and applications. This approach, when deployed within commercial buildings, offers significant benefits both to a building's owner and its occupants from convenience through to enhanced safety. Where an organisation has multiple facilities located nationally or internationally, OneCard can provide a common solution that is managed from a central site or multiple locations.

Key Benefits


    Using a single card, multiple applications can co-exist from cashless vending, pull-printing through to access control card to gain access to facilities.


    Information from OneCard can aid a wider smarter building strategy with cause and effect from one system impacting another.


    Avoid complications generated by single card access to many disparate systems.


    Integrate with other system intelligence, such as staff tracking, to improve the safety of all your employees.


    As systems run over the IP network, the OneCard system can operate across multiple sites anywhere in the world.

Intelligent Lockers

Intelligent Lockers are widely used in the leisure industry, education and health clubs - and increasingly in the smarter office environments so that staff can have secure storage. They are also particularly pertinent in commercial offices that are increasingly adopting flexible ‘hot desking’ space, like the Redstone OneSpace solution to maximise space utilisation.

Facilities managers can gain detailed visibility on locker usage and utilisation - whether that's how much capacity is used at peak times, or who is occupying but has not accessed a locker for a set time. As lockers use existing access cards, there is no risk of access to lockers through the loss of keys and copying of keys is also prevented.


Pull Printing

Pull printing works along with your access control card, ensuring that print jobs are only released once the user swipes their access card at the printer. Printing in commercial buildings can be very wasteful, sending files to the wrong printers or leaving uncollected print jobs. This system safeguards printouts for security of sensitive documents but also significantly reduces waste and costs.

This solution reduces complexity making the whole process more efficient. Users do not need to select a multitude of printers that may be on the organisation’s network, they can just use one printer options. Pull printing also works with the Redstone OneCard solution.