Intelligent Rooms

Delivering the space, comfort and environmental conditions occupants desire – while reducing capital cost, operating costs and reducing carbon emissions.

The true power of intelligent rooms come from taking a holistic approach - combining what were once disparate systems into an integrated solution that offers better economic, social and environmental performance for buildings and their occupants. This was once an aspiration for building owners and occupants, but through technology and open standard advances over the past ten years it is now the standard. Taking an integrated approach to room control; such as lighting, heating, ventilation and blind control, creates smarter and more efficient spaces that work seamlessly together and provide the flexibility for moves, adds and changes occupiers desire. The total cost of such designs has also proven that the capital costs are reduced, operating costs are less and the benefits to environmental conditions are improved.

Key Benefits


    Reconfiguration of buildings as spaces evolve is critical in a modern commercial building, intelligent rooms deliver this on-going flexibility.


    Redstone is able to deliver complete intelligent room solutions, taking away the headaches of utilising multiple contractors.


    Greater intelligence – resulting in lower energy costs, minimal reconfiguration costs and is more environmentally friendly to our planet.


    Linking daylight harvesting, room temperature control and fresh air recirculation strategies all improve the user experience.


    Intelligent rooms work in harmony and enhance the wider smart spaces proposition to deliver even greater value.

Blind Controls

Our intelligent blind controls are an ideal solution for light, cooling and environmental control. They give any office space a level of refinement and utilise natural sources to give any organisation a low cost, energy efficient blind solution. Automated blind controls are now considered to be part of the dynamic façade management of a building and by controlling the glare and solar radiation entering the building, assist in reducing the cooling load of a facility. Blind control can be particularly effective strategy for offices with PC monitors, eliminating glare and improving the environment for occupants.


HVAC Controls

Intelligent HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) can lead to an improved working environment for the occupants while reducing the energy consumption, carbon emissions and importantly, cost.

Our holistic approach, using industry open protocols, provides flexibility in room control and HVAC, whilst allowing easy integration to site or building wide BeMS (Building energy Management Systems).

A typical example of this is presence detection where heating and lighting can be automatically controlled dependent upon occupancy therefore reducing energy costs for unoccupied rooms. During inactivity, lights can be dimmed for a period and the room temperature automatically altered when windows are opened to aid energy saving strategies and maintain comfort levels.