Our business is our people. We are committed to investing and developing our staff to build value, quality and efficiency into every project, service and solution that we deliver to our clients.

The Redstone Academy

The Redstone Academy is a cornerstone of the business that provides a platform for the continuous improvement and quality of our systems. Combining internal training through the Redstone Academy, with our online elearning training and external accreditations through suppliers, means our staff are always learning and developing. At Redstone, we believe that training is a vital pillar that leads to greater productivity, staff retention and ensures that the services we deliver to our clients are leading the market. We invest in all aspects of training from technology, process and business management. This has helped to build Redstone into the leading brand in smart buildings that it is today.

Key Benefits


    Our customers benefit from our commitment to training through improved service delivery, quality and value.


    Our training policy is directed from the top down backed by investment and commitment from the senior management team.


    Keeping great staff is something we take very seriously so we invest heavily in training as a way to keep retention rates high. This has a positive impact on our customers.


    Through our skills training and certification we motivate, develop and ensure our staff are productive and efficient.


    Delivering blended training programs to our teams utilising technology to maximise engagement and bring greater productivity to your projects.