Professional Services

Our highly experienced professional services team works with you to develop and support your Smart Building business goals and objectives from the earliest stages of concept design.

How We Work

At Redstone we have a range of diverse capabilities and strengths that go beyond that of project delivery. Our professional services team is made up of domain experts in their specific application field, who possess depth and knowledge of Smart Building applications, integration, and business considerations around your project.

We are happy to provide full consulting services, through to advice and guidance as your project evolves. Our professional services team has many years of experience in putting specific applications into practice. As ambassadors of the Smart Building industry and technology, the team is able to identify market drivers to ensure that your building stays ahead and isn't out of date when it's delivered.

Key Benefits


    We provide services across all building solutions and applications, and can advise on the big picture approach or specific applications.


    We want to ensure you end up with the right services to achieve the business goals and outcome you set out to deliver - whether that's small or large.


    Staying on the cutting edge of technology is challenging, especially when you have to consider your building needs to be state of the art in four years from now. Our team can help you through this and give you the benefit of our insight and experience.


    The professional services team is made up of some of the best people in the industry who are leading the evolution of Smart Building design and everything within.


    There are many choices when it comes to applications and technologies. At Redstone, we are agnostic to the technology and providers – our goal is to ensure our clients select the right solution for their business needs.