03 May 2016

What if you could actually see the mobile network coverage in your new office?

by Ian Smith, DAS Business Manager

Given that cellular radio waves are invisible to the human eye, it’s no surprise then that many company moves rely on the assumption there will be mobile coverage - everywhere they need it within the new workspace. All too often organisations move into new premises only to find there is no mobile signal, triggering weeks of disruption and stress for all involved while it’s resolved. As we all know, that one dropped call or unimpressed visitor can lead to a missed opportunity.

Our reliance on mobiles and smart devices to deliver business communications continues to grow in importance. According to Wired magazine, in less than two years time a smartphone could be your only computer. And Ofcom supports this: it found that two thirds of us use a smartphone to surf the internet for two hours a day on average. With a third of us viewing the smartphone as the most important device for going online, it’s no surprise that on average we spend twice as long online using our smartphones than on laptops or personal computers. Resolving the signal issue is key then if companies are to embrace employees’ mobile habits and avoid a potential drop in employee productivity.

So before you move into a new office or commit to a network provider, follow these steps to ensure a well-planned solution that avoids all that stress and disruption:

  1. Commission a survey of the network coverage that each mobile company provides to your premises.
  2. Use an independent surveyor who can report on your results and advise you on your options with no bias towards any network provider.
  3. Ask your surveyor to map out network coverage into a pictorial of the floor plans of your proposed premises. This can allow you to zoom into individual desks and areas to identify where you need the strongest signals (note where the boss’ office is located).
  4. Ensure that access to 2, 3 and 4G, as well as WiFi access is included in the report so you have a good oversight into call quality, data speed and bandwidth availability.

A survey is critical to good planning and impartial information allows informed decisions to be made on which networks work best or, if required the solution that works best, months in advance of occupation.

By investing in a Redstone Cellular Network Coverage Survey, you can defy physics and have peace of mind regarding your company’s mobile coverage.

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