24 Jun 2016

Those who adapt to change the quickest will prosper the most

by Mark Braund, CEO

Without doubt the UK European referendum result everyone woke up to on Friday is profound, as are the changes it will bring about.

Regardless of the outcome, the one constant is that those businesses that can adapt to change the quickest will prosper the most. 

Redstone Connect is at the forefront of change, adding value and adapting faster than our competition and as such we look forward with relish to succeeding in this emerging brave new world.

We are focused on being the best Smart Building technology business in the market.  We deliver compelling reasons for our Customers to invest in the kind of change that will enable them to be significantly more profitable.

The underlying strength in Redstone Connect is our Smart technology, helping Customers materially improve agility, productivity and as a consequence, their profitability. 

There is little doubt that the next few days and weeks will be a period of uncertainty in the economy and amongst our Customers at large, however having restructured the business over the last 12-months we are well positioned to adapt further to meet the opportunities & challenges the market will provide moving forward.

For clarity, the Company trades predominately in the UK and in £-sterling. There are only a few examples where the business is contracted in non £-sterling denominated currencies, in particular €-Euro and US $ dollars.  Where these contracts represent material value the related cash flows are hedged at the point of contract to remove any foreign exchange exposure.  Therefore the Company has minimal currency exposure, if any at all.

Thank you