08 Jul 2016

Thank you

by Matt Salter, Sales Director

We all like a bit of praise every now and then. It lifts the spirits and reminds us all why we do what we do. 

In this hectic world we inhabit there is a concern that we probably all share; that we sometimes focus too much on the negatives (sorting issues out) and hope the positives will look after themselves. 

We get great comments from many of our clients, sometimes through pure relief that we’ve been able to achieve the impossible project goal and make it all happen without fuss or bother. I would put this down to the culture that we promote at Redstone, it being a flat structure and highly collaborative, and of course the quality of the individuals we employ. 

What prompted this blog was a series of compliments that hit my inbox over a period of just a few days, and I wanted to share it with you, partly because of pride, but to also encourage us all to consider what good work means and just how simple it is to say thank you. 

Now I’m not going to embarrass our clients by naming them but here are some of the comments I received in the space of a few days recently. 

 " The Redstone Team demonstrated the highest levels of dedication & professionalism throughout this fast tracked project. " 

 "leadership and attention to detail throughout the project ensured the end product was delivered to a very high level of quality.”

 "Having worked alongside Redstone for a number of years, it’s very reassuring to see that Redstone’s ‘up and coming’ staff still attain a great work ethic and passion for the industry."

 "The standard of the installation on this project was exceptional. I genuinely believe that you could not improve on the standard of this installation and without doubt it is one of the best projects I have seen throughout my career."

 " PMs are a credit to Redstone and it is a pleasure to work with both of them on these projects and hopefully many more projects in the future"


So now it’s my turn to say thank you, to some wonderful clients and great colleagues. 


Thank you.