15 Aug 2016

Hold on to your long term vision

by Matt Salter, Sales Director

It’s quite common in periods of uncertainty for businesses to postpone projects until things become clearer.

However, it’s important not to get pulled away from your smart building initiatives – you have to remember that these are long term projects that need consistency. Particularly as the rest of the world carries on doing business, we must not let short term uncertainty distract.

Here are my tips for holding strong with your plans:

Your reasons haven’t changed. Whether you wanted to reduce your real estate requirements, allow employees to be more productive or reduce running costs – those reasons are still valid. In fact most motivations behind smart buildings become more relevant during uncertain times. Show your staff you have faith in the future of them and the business while continuing your objective to be more efficient and cut costs.

Legislation hasn’t gone away. Existing environmental legislation won’t go away, and even  post-EU the UK is unlikely to have a radical reversal of green legislation. That means all the regulatory requirements to be efficient and compliant still have to be dealt with and can’t be avoided. Smart building technologies will help you tackle those requirements and lower your running costs.

How do you eat a horse? One bite at a time. If caution is required, remember smart building benefits are incremental. You don’t have to do everything in one go and any change can have a positive impact. Work out what your organisation’s top priorities are and how they align with your smart building strategy, then ensure any initiatives are truly designed around the most pressing needs for your organisation.

Improve utilisation. Avoid costly relocation projects for space you don’t need, and even downsize if need be. Understanding your current utilisation is key to any building. Most buildings are woefully underutilised. Do a proper assessment survey; it could be that your next office move can be to smaller premises, or if you’re tied into a long lease you can sub-let space. This is very powerful way to save or even make money in times of uncertainty.

Attract the best. Whether it’s the employees that will drive forward your business or sub-tenants in your under-utilised space, having a smart building that is comfortable, efficient and a great place to work will ultimately deliver greater rewards to your organisation.


In short, everything that made smart buildings a critical part of your organisation’s agenda is still vital. You still need to comply with legislation. An inefficient building is still inefficient. Spending money on office space you don’t need is still spending money you don’t need to.

In times of uncertainty, you may need to adjust course slightly or go a little slower, but it’s vital now more than ever to hold on to your long term strategy.


Thank you