Logistics Centre

Redstone's Logistics Centre is situated in Beckton within easy reach of the City and links to other commutable areas. Our investment in client supporting facilities allows us to provide the level of service that our clients demand, ensuring solutions are thoroughly tested and technically assured before implementation within our clients' live environment.

Continuity of service across the whole IT infrastructure enables ultimate performance and being experts in the design and delivery of integrated solutions, Redstone will help you maximise the potential of your new and existing IT investments. Our Logistics Centre ensures that all voice and data solutions are properly configured and rigorously tested to deliver maximum uptime and availability. This allows us to prove the integrity of your LAN, WAN, IP telephony, Wireless LAN or fully-integrated solution prior to deployment.

Comprising of warehousing, a pre-termination facility for copper and fibre solutions and a converged network staging area, our Logistics Centre is 27,000sq ft of purpose built space, designed to provide clients with the smoothest possible implementation of their project.

When working within tight time constraints, pretermination or pre-staging allows for fast track deployment on site. As unexpected delays do occasionally occur, especially when a number of trades are on site, this adds additional resilience in the project programme and can be invaluable to its overall delivery timescales. Despite this reduction of time on site, pre-testing provides a high level of performance upon implementation as any issues would have been resolved off-site.

The Logistics Centre is also a stock holding warehouse and, using our own delivery drivers, ensures we retain control of all stock availability and logistical matters. We therefore only require the amount of site storage space that necessity dictates, avoiding the unnecessary delivery and storage charges that others may incur.

To ensure storage on site is kept to a minimum, deliveries of materials and equipment can be delivered 'just in time', which is of great benefit to Main Contractors and Clients alike. In addition the warehouse provides a bonded facility to both reduce manufacturer supply issues and provide greater flexibility in responding to programme changes.

Redstone is committed to compliance with environmental legislation and implements an Environmental Management Programme, run and managed by the company's Health and Safety Committee. Amongst other issues, it includes such activities as the recycling and disposal of waste and hazardous substances and the elimination of Ozone depleting gases.

Employing highly qualified and dedicated fibre, electrical, voice and networking engineering teams means our clients are able to work closely with our project engineers to realise the proof of concept and make any necessary amendments prior to delivery on site. Not only does this build relations and understanding between Redstone and client teams, it ensures the identification and elimination of any potential risk at the earliest opportunity and provides assurance of complete control of the project.

The Pre-Staging Facility

The Logistics Centre's Pre-Staging facility is a purpose built, safe and non hazardous working environment, with sufficient capacity to handle almost any network deployment. Each bench in the staging area is fully serviced with Category 6 copper and single/Multimode fibre in order to allow any network infrastructure to be replicated. Each bench is capable of supplying 13 Amp, 16 Amp and 32 Amp feeds.

Many telephone systems can be pre-staged simultaneously; both traditional TDM telephony and IP telephony over the cabling infrastructure with the ability to conduct live tests over ISDN30e or simulated tests over Trend Aurora ISDN30 testers.

The separate overflow area, designed for smaller staging projects, is used in the event of a large scale deployment, where Redstone's engineers and clients can remotely access the network in the main staging area from the seclusion of the overflow space. Both areas are serviced by the same Network infrastructure which allows the running of Customer, Industry and Server applications across the staged Network and benchmark responses.

The Logistic Centre is used for staging and Factory Acceptance testing as well as the resolution of client service call issues. Redstone's network maintenance equipment is located at the Logistics Centre in a secure bonded store and is accessible 24hrs a day to the engineers. For all remote diagnostics, on site maintenance and network health checks, the engineers use a range of network analysis and 'sniffer' tools to provide comprehensive network status reports and resolutions.


The Pre-Termination Facility

The Logistics Centre's Pre-Termination facility allows fast track deployment of copper and fibre structured cabling systems.

Our cabling systems offer a low loss high performance solution with every assembly tested off site. The benefits are vast when you adopt a pre-terminated cabling strategy for initial project deployments and day two additional requirements. These benefits are a reduction in onsite materials, onsite storage space, site waste and resource along with reductions in faults during the installation phase.

The purpose built facility can accommodate both copper and fibre pre-terminated systems, running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if necessary. The Logistics Centre is equipped with state-of-the-art testing, terminating and polishing equipment to ensure compliance with industry standards and requirements. The testing can form part of an off site compliance to ensure all copper & fibre solutions adhere to current standards before a single cable is pulled on site, therefore dispelling any risk to the project.

All copper and fibre assemblies are quality checked before being shipped to site on purpose designed tri-wall drums for ease of installation. All shipments are palletised and are delivered via our own transport. Our Environmental Policy and processes ensure that we recycle all our materials to keep waste at a minimum. 
We welcome visits to our Logistics Centre - particularly from clients who wish to see their IT systems running in our Pre-Staging area before installation.

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