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No matter where you are on your journey to a smarter building, Redstone has services that can help you achieve your business goals and aspirations. We can help at any point, from developing the initial brief, business case and scope through to delivering a managed service that enables your building to operate effectively 24x7 - and everything in between. Our design-build-operate services have been developed to support multi-million pound new builds through to service desk support on existing estates.


Our portfolio of 'smarter building' technologies drives greater value for the owner, developer, landlord and occupant over the lifecycle of the building. The benefits are wide and far-reaching from significant cost savings and efficiencies through to engaging, agile and dynamic workplaces - delivering an enhanced user experience from smarter spaces.

"The whole team is confident that such a significant improvement in environment and facilities will result in improved engagement and satisfaction of staff and increased productivity as a business."
Peter Sayers, Associate Director - project management EMEA for CBRE Corporate Outsourcing